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Encrypt and Store Your Crypto Assets Safely

HyperMate Pro uses military grade security chip to ensure the private key never links to the internet, saving your crypto assets from hackers and cyber-attacks.

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USB Type-C
CC EAL 6+ chip
1.3”Color Touchscreen
Fingerprint Recognition Module FPC1025
Operation buttons
Reinvented for best security and experience
Firmware upgrade
FCC Authentication
CE Safety Certification
Fingerprint Recognition
CC EAL 6+ Secure Element
1.3”Color Touchscreen
Bluetooth 5.0
80 mAh Battery
Operation buttons
Chinese / English operation language
USB Type-C
Enhanced Security for Your Crypto Assets
CC EAL6+ security certification chip to provide the best protection
Dual-core CPU, one for execution, and another for security detection
All NVM, RAM encrypted and specially protected by integrity verification
Resistant against fault injection attacks on program execution, and physical attacks on chips: heated, frozen, filtered, etc.
Safety in Every Tiny Designs
CC EAL 6+ graded secure element
Offline Private Key Storage and Restoration Process is Conducted Completely Offline for Better Security
Single-Element Design
Built-in OLED screen, avoid middleman attack
Random Encrypted PIN Code
Reach BIP32/BIP39/
BIP44/BIP45 standard
Double-Verification Before Approving Transactions for Better Security
Confirm Transactions with Physical Buttons
Hardware-Level MultiSig Support
World’s Leading Security Team Escort Available for 24/7 Support
Dual Authentication

Users need to confirm the information of the transaction twice before the transaction being processed. The address displayed on HyperMate will be correct in any environment, which will ensure the safe transfer of user assets.

Fingerprint authorization can prevent your pin code from being peeped through the camera or other methods to ensure that your transaction is safe and worry-free.

Securing Your Private Key Has Never Been Easier

Compliant with BIP32/BIP39/BIP44/BIP45 Standard

Supports 12/24 mnemonic words

Limitless Cold Wallet
Wirelessly connect to HyperPay via Bluetooth
Manage 10,000+ coins easily
Unlimited access to DApps

Extra Security with Cover

Made of special blended metal fibre materials, which can effectively shield Bluetooth signals

Isolates electromagnetic interference to protect from cyberattacks

Extra Security with Cover

Made of special blended metal fibre materials, which can effectively shield Bluetooth signals

Offline Storage

The mnemonic card is made from aluminium alloy raw materials, combined with laser technology, making the card fireproof and waterproof. The customized quick drying oily pens can keep the words and colours for a long time under natural conditions.

Support a variety of Tokens
HyperMate Pro supports the main chain and its contract coins such as BTC, ETH, BSC, HECO, OEC, Polygon, BCH, EOS, LTC, HC, QTUM, XRP, DASH, TRX, FIL, and other ERC20, TRC20 and QRC20 format tokens. It can be upgraded through firmware to support more tokens in the future.
Audited & Open-Source Code
We use an open firmware source code with complete and accessible version history eliminating the backdoor risk. The security audit from SlowMist Technology proves that HyperMate is highly secure and trustworthy.



Why do I need HyperMate hardware wallet?

Centralized institutions may close-down for various reasons, and your crypto assets will be exposed to risks plainly. In the current industry, the safest way to store assets is hardware wallet, and if your operation of short-term transactions of large assets is at a low frequency, it is recommended to store your assets in hardware wallet such as HyperMate.

The function of HyperMate is to isolate your private key from the Internet, and isolate your private key from your public key. Also, the calling of private key to confirm the signature is done by physical buttons. Therefore, the use of HyperMate can protect the assets to a large extent.


Is it safe to use HyperMate?

HyperMate and HyperMate Pro have been audited by top security companies such as KnownSec and SlowMist. Open firmware source code, complete and accessible version history, no backdoor risk. The specific content are as follows:

1. Built-in CC EAL6+ military-grade security chip

The secure microcontroller chip used by HyperMate is produced by Infineon. CC EAL6+ does not only mean that HyperMate security chip reaches the standard for military use, but also it has passed the necessary tests and evaluations of CC security certification.

2、Single chip design

HyperMate adopts the single-chip design, without adding any chips for auxiliary calculation or information storage in the design circuit. All the components such as buttons, screens and Bluetooth are directly connected to the security chip to avoid data transmission between multiple chips, completely eliminating any possibility of tampering with data.

3. Encrypted& Randomly generated PIN code

HyperMate adopts the randomly arranged keyboard for PIN code input, each at different position, and no real PIN number displayed, minimizing the probability of passers-by peeking at the PIN codes and stealing private keys. When the PIN code is entered incorrectly 10 times in a row, HyperMate will automatically destroy the stored data, which can effectively prevent the hardware wallet from being violently cracked by hackers.

4. Double verification

The trading information can be fully displayed on the HyperMate’s display screen, and once the APP may suffer tampering, the information displayed on the screen not the same, the user can reject the transaction directly. Moreover, the information on the screen is produced by the chip internally through calculation and encryption.

5. Hardware multi-sig

By multi-sig, any transfer is controlled by multiple signatures (up to 7), which is convenient for enterprises and teams to store and manage digital assets. HyperMate supports the multi-signature of BTC, HC, ETH, and ERC20, and will support more soon.

6. Private key offline stored

The private keys and mnemonics are generated by hardware totally that never break out of security element.

7. Certified by the U.S. FCC

FCC, fully known as Federal Communications Commission, established in 1934 under Communications Act, is an independent agency of the United States government, directly accountable to Congress. FCC controls radio broadcasts, television, telecommunications, satellites, and cables to coordinate national and international communications. Many radio applications, communication products, and digital products to enter the U.S. market requires FCC recognition.

8. CE certification declared

CE certification, the “main requirement” that forms the core of the European Directive, is a proof of security and is considered as a passport for the manufacturer entering the European market.

9. Built-in OLED display directly connected SE, end MITM attacks

10. Meet the BIP32/BIP39/BIP44/BIP45 standard, recovery completely offline

HyperMate opts to create and restore wallets completely offline, and the private key is stored in an encrypted security chip once it is generated, and cannot be read even by the hardware wallet itself.

11. Physical button control confirmation

12. AES encryption algorithm for ciphertext transmission

13. Security team escort

HyperMate combines China`s leading brand in information security and world`s top security team to protect your digital assets.

The HyperMate Pro adds the fingerprint recognition function. You only need to properly keep your private key, thus the security of the asset is ensured.


If I lost my HyperMate device, will I lost the assets stored in it?

In the process of using HyperMate, what users need to pay attention to is to keep the mnemonics correct and safe. Even if the device is lost, the assets are still safe without getting your mnemonics and unavailable through any physical methods. You only need to buy a new HyperMate device and import the mnemonic phrases into it to restore the assets.


What are the differences between Hypermate Pro and Hypermate G?

HyperMate Pro inherits all the functions of HyperMate G, and combines traditional mature security technologies to achieve a secondary security upgrade at the physical level to prevent illegal hijacking of user accounts by external factors in extreme cases, thus to ensure that every transaction is correct and safe.

· Fingerprint
Users need to verify their fingerprints on HyperMate Pro to confirm that the transaction is initiated by themselves, which double guarantees the security of the transaction;

· Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth 5.0 has an increase and optimization for the speed of low-power devices. Bluetooth 5.0 combines with wifi to assist in positioning indoor locations, improving transmission speed and increasing effective working distance.

· Battery Capacity
HyperMate Pro has a longer battery life than HyperMate G.

Optimizing user experience

· Language
HyperMate G only has English language, but Pro supports English, Korean, Italian, and Arabic;

· Smoother physical keys
HyperMate Pro has made a lot of optimizations in details to try to provide users with better experience.

Brand-new design

HyperMate Pro has larger monitor and the physical keys, which is more intuitive and easier to operate.

Also, the vertical structure, the appropriately increased volume and weight and the perfectly arranged keys make it more suitable for one-handed operation.


How does HyperMate guarantee the security of the underlying system?

The underlying system of HyperMate, java cos is a new generation of smart card system based on the Java Card. HypwerMate Pro is upgraded and customized upon the CC EAL 5+ certification.

Note: CC stands for Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation. EAL, the Evaluation Assurance Level is a category ranking assigned to an IT product or system, after a Common Criteria security evaluation. Levels range from EAL1 to 7. Usually the IC card chip must pass EAL 4+ certification, and the HyperMate underlying system reaches EAL 5+, which is the first in the industry.


Can I return the product if I decide I do not want it?

Let's say that you had received the HyperMate you ordered, but you decided that you do not need it after all. Do not worry - you can send it back and we will give you your money back.You can return the product and claim a refund within 7 days after you have received it. For more information, contact our official CS and we will give you all the necessary information.


What are the possible outcomes of a refund claim?

There are two refund types, depending on whether the package is open or not:

Full refund - You initiate the returning of the product within 7 days following the delivery and the box containing the product is not opened.
Partial refund - You initiate the returning of the product within 7 days following the delivery of the product. The box is opened, but the product itself is not damaged.
Partial refund means that we might not be able to send you the full price you paid for the device. To be sure that you receive the full amount, it is always safer to leave the product box unopened. We realize that this charge might not always be convenient for the customers. However, as a hardware wallet must be taken 100% seriously to make sure the security of the funds stored in it, we have to inspect and test the device that has been opened, which takes some time.
Please keep in mind that the shipping fees (in both direction) will not be refunded when returning a product.


How long does the RMA process take?

We inspect all returned items when they arrive at our processing facility. Although we try to process your claim as soon as possible, it can take us up to 30 days, starting with the date that the product is delivered back to us.


How long will refund take?

When you request a refund, the Support Team will evaluate your claim and determine the amount to refund. We will then ask you to confirm the result. If approved, the Support Team will ask you to send the product back to us as well as ask you for payment details. Processing the refund should not take longer than five days after having received the product.


Will my refund be paid in crypto or in fiat?

If your original order was paid in crypto, so will be the refund. Let us have a look at an example situation: You made an order and you paid in crypto. A week later, you would like to return the product and claim a refund, and we will refund the same amount of crypto assets you paid at that time.


I think that my product does not work correctly and I want to return it. What should I do?

I think that my product does not work correctly and I want to return it. What should I do?
If you think that there is something wrong with your HyperMate device, please start by contacting our Support Team. We will do our best to help you resolve your issue.
If we are unable to help you, you will need to ship the product back to us and start the RMA process. Do not worry, we will give you all the necessary information when you contact us.
Please make sure that the product is still under warranty.


How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period starts on the date of the original purchase of the product and lasts for one year.


When I find that the HyperMate I received is defective and want to return it?

During the warranty period, users can enjoy the following after-sales services with the warranty certificate:

1. Users can choose to replace the same model of HyperMate or return within 7 days after signing for the package, if the device is confirmed intact (including but not limited to that it has not been activated or used) and there is no product performance failure or appearance damage caused by human factors by the HyperMate team. The valid purchase certificate, HyperMate device and accessories (including HyperMate device, USB charging cable, product manual, etc.) and the gifts, if has, must be returned together, and cannot affect the secondary sales.

2. For the avoidance of doubt, HyperMate are commodities whose value depreciates significantly after activation or use, so the activated or used HyperMate does not apply the 7-day return policy above.

3. If there’s any quality problems on the device caused by non-human reasons, the HyperMate team promises to freely replace the same model HyperMate for users once we confirm it because in view of the safety requirements of HyperMate, HyperMate cannot provide any form of repair service.

4. The return shipping fee produced by quality problems (except for human reasons) shall be borne by the HyperMate team; the return shipping fee produced by non-quality problems shall be borne by users.

5. Users must be sure to clear all data in HyperMate before returning or replacing the device, and to save the wallet mnemonics and PIN codes properly; otherwise, all possible consequences (including but not limited to hacker attacks, loss of digital assets, data loss, leakage, etc.) shall be borne by users.

In the following cases (but not limited to the following), users do not enjoy the warranty service of HyperMate:

1. The HyperMate replaced or returned by users is verified non-genuine through the product serial number;

2. The HyperMate is reasonably determined by HyperMate team that there is non-quality problem, including but not limited to normal discoloration and wear during use, and mismatch to the software wallets and mobile devices used by users;

3. The HyperMate exceeds the validity period of the warranty service;

4. The HyperMate is damage due to users or other third-party human reasons (including but not limited to failure to use, maintain, and store products in accordance with the product instruction manual);

5. The HyperMate is returned incomplete, lacking accessories or gifts, etc.;

6. The HyperMate can have the fault resolved through upgrading;

7. The warranty certificate and/or invoice provided does not meet the requirements;

8. Damage caused by force majeure such as fire, flood, lightning strike, etc.;

9. Other circumstances stipulated by applicable laws, regulations and policies.

About HyperPay

HyperMate is a subsidiary of HyperPay, created to provide a solution for investors to securely store their crypto assets in a hardware cold collect, protecting it from hackers and cyberattacks.

HyperMate works best with HyperPay Wallet for best experience and functionality. HyperPay is the world’s first four-in-one digital asset wallet which innovatively integrates off-chain, on-chain, shared, and hardware wallet. It has more than 1 million users worldwide, with more than $1 billion in asset management.

Professional Technical Team

The core team members have previously worked at senior positions at top corporates such as JPMorgan Chase, Citi, AliBaba, Baidu, and many more. Our team's rich experience, international vision, and strong professionalism is geared to provide you the best security and experience.

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